Creativity - sharing is caring.

Hope and Faith - in the hands of our midwife - 2015

Hope and Faith - in the hands of our midwife - 2015

 As an 'outsider' to the photography profession, I get to sit on the fringe and involve myself with who and what I wish. I try, where time allows me, to keep my ear to the ground and my finger on the proverbial pulse of the local and world scene. Artists that appear to have creativity in abundance tend to be those who are also very good at sharing their work.

I had the privilege to speak on a public stage alongside Alexia Sinclair this year, she blew my mind. At face value it is easy to look at Alexias finished images and say "I wish I was that creative" but when you actually hear what she has to say, and how she goes about creating, there is nothing other than hard work and dedication to her chosen craft.  The most important thing is she is sharing what she is doing, which is a further inspiration for those who decide to follow her progress. 

If you are afraid to share your work, you are competing not creating.
— Sue Bryce (Photographer)

Sue Bryce is also another creative kind, she has been around for along time and waxes lyrical about hard work and creativity going hand in hand. She also makes an excellent point, and something I had noticed, but not realised what I was seeing. Those who are willing to share their work tend to be producing the most creative work - a reluctance to share your work for fear of copycats puts you in a competitive mindframe, which is stifling to creativity.