DIY - Attaching a GOPRO to a dog (revisited)

I have often wondered what animals get upto when they are out of sight. My first thought was to attach a camera to my chickens for a day and see what they got up to, however, 2 years ago, I got a Labradoodle puppy called 'Juneau', which probably is one of the most photographed dogs in the Southern Hemisphere. A purchase of a GoPro allowed me to fulfill my curiosity with a DIY GoPro harness.

Here’s how I did it in an easy step-by-step guide:

Take the GoPro packet clip thing and a standard dog harness, hacksaw out the D-rings

D-rings removed

Measure the reinforced stitched area

Cut the plastic thing to size


Smooth off the edges of the cut, get some rivets that fit through the plastic and the harness. Drill 4 holes. Rivet the plastic holder to the harness

Job done

Attach dog

20130827-00002_2013-Edit-Mstr edit.jpg

Make dog walk around and see a new perspective on life!

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