Beginners Workshops - (none available at present) Whether you are looking to become a wet plate photographer, or just interested in filling some knowledge gaps, these one day, one-on-one intimate workshops are a great way to learn the basics. An understanding of photography is helpful, although not essential. 

Intermediate Workshops - (none available at present) Designed for those with strong ambitions of becoming a wet plate photographer or those who have already completed a basic workshop. An intermediate understanding of photography is expected. The one day one-on-one intermediate workshop is half price to anyone who has been on a beginners workshop.

Special Workshops - Throughout the year I will offer special workshops that deviate from the basic and the intermediate options. 

Expositions and demonstrations - For larger groups that would like to see the process in action, you can book me for a demo from half day blocks through to full weekends.

Speaking - Having an in depth knowledge of the wet plate collodion process, I am able to communicate the process to all levels of audiences.

Please contact me (wetplatenz@gmail.com) for information and availability 

I enjoyed the shooting alot, but preparing the plates and developing them was epic.
— Rodney (Basic workshop - December, two thousand and fourteen.)

This is what I have been missing, this is the Full Monty of making and capturing an image - this right here is photography.
Not an i-Phone in sight an blackened hands from a crazy collodion day out.
— Mike (Intermediate workshop - January, two thousand and fifteen)

So grateful for that workshop, it has really reinvigorated my love for photography.
— Ciaran (Basic workshop - January, two thousand and fifteen)

Opened my eyes up to the development of photography the past 160 odd years and its dramatic impact on our lives and our perception of ourselves. It was like a mini retreat, tailored to my pace of hands-on learning, with whiffs of chemicals taking me back to 20 plus years ago in my own darkroom. We started at the beginnings of photography, 160 or so years ago. He filled in some important history I’d been unaware of as a photographer, history that shaped our current image-overloaded world.
— Moana (Basic Workshop - August, two thousand and fifteen)

I just had a wonderful day and just want to shoot more of those

 - Jocelen (Basic Workshop) - September, two thousand and fifteen. 

In the fast moving era of digital, it is a reassuring sign to see that old techniques are not lost. Paul is so dedicated, he has transformed a retro caravan into a makeshift darkroom. A very clever chap he is, as his DIY talents are also highly admirable. Read more from Tony on his website review >> here.

- Tony (Basic Workshop) September, two thousand and fifteen.