The first compendium of work by Paul M Alsop.

2015, a New Zealand news program came to see what I was up to. 

This is the second BTS video of the second installment of The Auckland Project wet plate collodion portrait series, a collaboration between Luke White and Paul Alsop. Behind the scenes footage courtesy of Lee Howell

Here is a body of work that is a collaboration between myself and Luke White, a behind the scenes look at what it took to create 'The Auckland Project' - Click on the Vimeo button to watch in HD

A look at some recent work and some of work, along with some bts footage of the wet plate collodion process. Paul is a dedicated wet plate collodion portrait photographer based in the North Island of New Zealand, and makes images with technology from the 1800's, crafting light with studio strobes and making images out of his caravan darkroom.
I'm usually too busy to video the developing process. The fixing process is easy to film as the pressure is off. However, with this selfie, there was no pressure to get it right.

Watch some of the basic preparation that goes into making a Wet Plate Collodion image.

Watch a wet plate collodion portrait made with a studio strobe set up. I was the first person in New Zealand to make wet plate collodion portraits with strobes.

Varnishing a wet plate collodion ambrotype in my mobile darkroom with a new batch of varnish.

Its often difficult to explain the positive negative effect produced by a clear glass ambrotype. This video explains it all.