Real estate is a lucrative investment option. But when selling a home you may face a lot of challenges. This may be because of some inappropriate strategies that you may unknowingly adopt.  From overpricing the property to poor presentation, there are a lot of common mistakes a seller may make.

Here are some commonly made mistakes by homeowners while trying to sell their property:


This is one of the common mistakes by the sellers. Just look at your property as a buyer and fix the price. Research the market value of similar properties in your location through online portals and fix the price. Hire a property agent or any friends in the real estate business to help you.

Lack of presentation

One of the top reasons why your home is not selling is the lack of presentation. Unclean bathrooms and kitchen, ceilings/walls, and flaking paint on the doors/walls will give a bad impression to the buyers. So take care of these little items by renovating certain areas of your home.

Improper construction

You may construct your home as per your needs and lifestyle, but the buyer might not like your idea. So the new homebuyer will refurbish the home as per their requirement. Before marketing your home to sell, consider redoing the refurbished area back to its original state.

Choosing the wrong agent

If your real estate agent takes so much time to sell your property then hire a new expert. Real estate market is hot selling today so the agents might be flooded with requests of prospective home buyers and sellers. They will work for the clients who pay more. Before choosing a real estate agent, check whether they are active and ready to participate in your home selling process.

Advertise it right

If you have not advertised your property right, you can’t get a suitable buyer. Research a lot of websites to quickly reach your target audience. List your property online and boost  its visibility, include the highlight features of your property such as, 

  • The property size
  • The direction of the unit
  • Number of balconies and garden
  • And, infrastructure facilities around
  • The Photos Are Lacking
  • Take quality, professional-grade photos. Shoot wide angles with plenty of light for showcasing your home’s best features. Some other tips include:
  • Try to capture all of the bedrooms, because the buyers may count the number of bedrooms in the photo lineup. If one is missing, they might assume that your listing is erroneous.
  • If a hallway is narrow, just skip. Get a close-up of your fireplace or other amazing feature instead.
  • The kitchen is the most important space in your home, and buyers want to see them.
  • Remove the old furniture and keep the living room as spacious. 
  • Include the backyard and gardens. People want to see what the whole property is like.

Avoid the above mistakes and sell your property faster. 

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